Active LPs to Support your Portfolio

We incentivise LPs to invest their talent & network, not just $.
This improves returns & supercharges ‘value-add’.

Beyond & Partners' Investments & co-Investors

We believe that when companies combine forces, they can better serve their founders, employees & investors.


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For Companies

Most companies receive little 'value-add' from their investors.

Our AI helps identify the best LPs and Founders (from >5k) to assist each portfolio company (>1k).

This opens a previously inaccessible talent pool & network, enabling our portfolio to receive tangible support, by the most relevant individuals who are directly incentivised.

For LPs & Operators

The strongest venture returns require diverse portfolios.

We reward LPs & Operators to leveraging their expertise and network to fulfil Bounties or help grow our company & member community.  

This enables them to acquire ownership in a diverse set of high-quality companies, helping them generate higher-returns.